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Improve the Performance of Your Veterinary Clinic with our HR and Management Audit
Improve Resources

Identify your team’s untapped skills.

Improve Productivity

Identify the obstacles to your team’s productivity and develop strategies to overcome them.

Strengthen Team Cohesion

Create a positive, collaborative working environment by identifying and resolving internal conflicts, and strengthening bonds between team members.

Why choose Vet Agency?
Sector expertise

We understand the unique challenges facing veterinary clinics, and have the expertise to address them effectively.

Customized approach

Each audit is tailored to your clinic’s specific needs, ensuring relevant and applicable recommendations.

Committed to Excellence

We are determined to help you meet and exceed your HR objectives, by providing innovative and effective solutions.

Ready to maximize your clinic's potential?

Don’t wait any longer to take the necessary steps to strengthen and develop your team. Contact us today to discuss how our audit can benefit your veterinary clinic and help you reach new levels of success.

VET AGENCY HR audit procedure
Interview with the manager

We assess your Human Resources and Management needs.


Define the objectives of the audit, identify the relevant parties, select the key social performance indicators to be assessed, and set a timetable for the audit. 

Data collection

Gather pertinent data, which may include documents such as HR policies and procedures, employment contracts, payslips, training records, employee satisfaction surveys and so on. 

Data analysis

The data collected is then analyzed to assess compliance with current laws and regulations, as well as to identify trends, gaps and opportunities for improvement in HR management.

Interviews and observations

In addition to quantitative data, the auditor conducts interviews with employees at different levels of the organization to gather qualitative information on HR practices, organizational culture and challenges encountered. 


Once all the data has been collected, analyzed and verified, the auditor draws up a detailed audit report. This report generally includes a description of the audit procedures, findings, recommendations and proposed action plans. 

Presentation of results

The results of the audit are presented to the concerned parties. This stage provides an opportunity to discuss the audit findings, recommendations and next steps.